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my hearts too broken to function, it just has been broken too many times; especially by you..

baby, can i call you that? i mean is it ok? you never really were mine, but can you be my baby? can you give me one more chance? one where our friends dont get involved, one where we’re cuddling under the sunset or stars.. one where we’re watching the fireworks burst on the 4th? Baby, well almost baby, why’d you leave before you gave me a chance? oh man what i would do for that chance again… if it wasnt me, then what was it? you lost interest? i knew i shouldve worked harder baby, i know. i wouldve gave you the world; now that we’re hanging out again, i just have just maybe this sense of hope where you willll fall for me again…. maybe … just maybe baby, you’ll be MY baby. Not her baby, not their baby.. my baby. just one more chance, baby… give me that chance.